Asta Roofing & Construction

Developing Opportunities for Native Workers

Who Are We?

ASTA Roofing and Construction, LLC. is a 100% Native owned Roofing and General Contracting firm.

ASTA is an acronym for Alliance Supporting Tribal America. Our mission is to serve the Indian Nations of Arizona and New Mexico with quality roofing and construction as well as communal contributions. ASTA has the capital resources, relationships, technologies and specialized knowledge to be successful on every project.

Our Services

ASTA delivers premier services and quality construction.

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Our Team

We hosts local subcontractor fairs to include local labor force.

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Our Projects

We were formed in March 2011 by experienced professionals.

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  • Jobs Over The Years

    2011 Greasewood Schools - $1,300,000
    2013 Justice Center - $847,760
    2013 Denehotso Boarding School - $497,071
    2014 Crownpoint Wellness Center - $327,797
    2015 Window Rock, Housing - $609,104
    2015 Dilkon, Nazlani, Chinle Housing - $555,060
    2015 Hopi Housing Complex - $570,114
    2015 IHS Crownpoint Hospital - $362,118
    2016 Hopi Health Care - $895,193
    2017 Ganado Shopping Center - $441,389
    2017 162nd Military Base (8a) - $1,548,694
    2017 JITC Military Base (8a) - $429,194
    2018 Little Singer Sch. Bus Barn - $342,059
    2018 Westward Look - $1,444,902

Interested in Working With Us?

Our standard is quality work, done right, on time, and on budget. All project deliverables go through a rigorous in-house review and are guaranteed to meet ASTA’s proven quality control policy.